Acupuncture can…

help with imbalances and restore function effectively. It treats the nerves, joints and muscles to decrease pain, muscle tension and joint stiffness. It can be effective locally (specific body regions) or systemically (whole body) to help a variety of musculoskeletal conditions & injuries including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Muscle Trigger Points
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Paige is a Registered Acupuncturist who has obtained an Advanced Diploma in Acupuncture and is in good standing with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturists of Ontario. Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years and involves insertion of very thin needles into specific points along the body. Paige uses a holistic approach to preventative health to restore balance within the body while integrating eastern and western medicine.

She provides a range of practical capabilities and experience treating conditions including but not limited to arthritis, fibromyalgia, hypertension, menstrual issues, mental health, digestive issues, as well as chronic and acute injuries. A patient can expect a comprehensive medical intake, assessment, Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment plan. She uses numerous modalities in addition to acupuncture to suit her patients needs such as cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, tui na massage and electro-acupuncture.

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Treatments Offered

TDP Lamp/ Far Infrared Heat Lamp

In Chinese Medicine TDP or “Teding Diancibo Pu” translates to “Special Magnetic Spectrum”. This TDP Lamp features a black mineral plate that consists of 33 minerals essential to the human body. The TDP Lamp emits far infrared light and the built in electric heating element activates the mineral plate that helps the light penetrate even deeper into the skin. Infrared light has strong permeability and can affect deep into the muscles to help to stimulate cell production, microcirculation, reduce inflammation and aid in the bodies natural healing process.

What Can TDP Lamps Help Treat?

• Arthritis, joint pain, fibromyalgia, and inflammation
• Pain conditions such as lower back, shoulder, knee pain, etc
• Digestive issues such as diarrhea
• Irregular menstruation
• Cold and flu symptoms, low metabolism circulatory issues
• Dermatitis or other skin conditions and much more

The TDP lamp can penetrate up to 4 inches deep into the body, is safe an non invasive. Almost anyone can benefit from using a TDP Lamp, to help alleviate muscle and joint pain, spasms, stiffness and can rejuvenate the tendons, muscles, and soft tissue. The only cautions/side effects are as follows:

Cautions/Side effects:
• Patients with neuropathy are warned due to the inability to feel temperature/when it becomes too hot for the skin
• Pregnant women, people with bleeding tendencies, or extremely sensitive skin should avoid
• Patients with surgical implants should avoid due to a possibility of the metals heating up internally

Fire Cupping

This is a vacuum suction to the skin with the use of fire and a flammable substance into a glass or silicone cups to pull stagnant blood to the surface to allow better circulation and it is also a great tool to help break up adhesions and restrictive tissue. You can expect to have circular cupping marks that last 3-7 days after treatment, the marks may be sensitive on the surface to touch and extreme temperatures. This is like cupping therapy but a little stronger suction.

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Acupuncture is Effective
In Treating The Following

Nerve Pain

Nerve Pain & Injuries

Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Neck Pain

Foot Pain

Foot Pain




Acute & Chronic Pain

Reduction & Management

Acupuncture Therapy


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Initial Assessment


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Follow Up Visit
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Follow Up Visit
60 Minutes


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