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March 2019

Why Choose Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is another treatment option which is currently offered at Vibrant Healing. Acupuncture is a medical practice in which needles are used to stimulate certain points on the body to help alleviate pain and treat various health conditions. There are two different principles of acupuncture which most acupuncturist follow one being contemporary medical acupuncture and […]

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October 2018

Vibrant Healing is Now Offering Cupping Treatments

You can now use your massage therapy and chiropractic benefits for cupping treatments at Vibrant Healing. Cupping treatments originated in China and were brought into western medicine in 1930. Modern cupping methods use rubber, silicone, plastic and glass cups with mechanical suction. Treatments can be incorporated into a massage and can be done as standalone […]

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September 2018

What Is Laser Therapy?

When at Vibrant Healing one of the treatment methods which may be recommended to patients or that can be requested is laser therapy. The type of laser used at the clinic is a grade 3 Bioflex laser unit. Before receiving a laser therapy treatment patients will be required to complete a health history and physical […]

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August 2018

Common Chiropractic Treatment Methods

What is an Adjustment? One of the most common treatment methods used by chiropractors are joint adjustments. A chiropractor can determine that a joint needs an adjustment by physically examining the joint and seeing if it is able to move through its full range of motion. If the joint is not able to move through […]

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January 2017

What Do Chiropractors Do and What Can I Expect From My First Visit??

Chiropractors are doctors who receive education and training to assess, diagnose and treat all joints of the body including the spine as well as the associated muscles and nerves. Chiropractic care consists of a number of different treatment methods that all work at restoring the natural movement of the joints in the body, relieving muscle […]

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January 2017

How Can I Benefit From Massage Therapy??

Massage therapy by definition is the manipulation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, connective tissues, ligaments and tendons. In our society today it hard to come across an individual that hasn’t had an experience with some form of massage therapy yet having said that not every massage is the same. In order to […]

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November 2016


Hello everyone and welcome to the Vibrant Healing blog page!!! On this page of our website we will be providing you with a little more information on some of the services provided at our clinic, as well as information on a number of other interesting health related issues…so stay tuned! To begin, let’s start off […]

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