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massage therapy involves applying mechanical hand movements to the soft tissues of the body. These soft tissues include muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Massage can be applied to various parts of the body to assist in healing injuries, relieve stress, reduce pain, improve circulation, and relieve muscle tension.

Massage therapy is a safe and effective practice that offers a wide range of benefits. Whether you’re looking to relieve pain, reduce stress, or promote overall wellness, massage therapy can be an excellent choice. Consider consulting with our licensed massage therapists to determine which technique is right for you and to develop a treatment plan that meets your specific needs.

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Meet Our
Massage Therapists

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Since 2013, Miranda has worked as a registered massage therapist. She has gained extensive experience in a multidisciplinary clinic treating various injuries. Utilizing her extensive knowledge and collaboration with other healthcare professionals, she delivers exceptional results. Throughout her career, Miranda has excelled at performing pregnancy massages, addressing sports or work-related injuries, and providing relief for anxiety and TMJ issues. While her primary focus is deep tissue massage, she can adjust the pressure to meet each client’s specific needs.

Apart from her professional pursuits, Miranda is passionate about strength training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, she particularly enjoys spending quality time with her son during her leisure hours.

Sherri Steele, Registered Massage Therapist


Since 2005, Sherri has actively practiced as a registered massage therapist, and she joined the Vibrant Healing team in 2010. Throughout her career, she has gained experience working in diverse settings such as home-based businesses, spas, and multidisciplinary clinics.

Additionally, Sherri holds certification in Low-Intensity Laser Therapy. Her areas of expertise encompass a broad range of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions primarily affecting the neck, upper back, and lower back. This includes but is not limited to addressing headaches, gluteal muscle pain, sciatica pain, and discomfort associated with pregnancy.

During her free time, Sherri indulges in her love of outdoor activities, staying active, and unleashing her creativity through her passion for photography.



Elena Cartier, a Registered Massage Therapist and Osteopathic Manual Therapist in Barrie Ont, Canada, brings a wealth of experience and contemporary insights to her practice. With a foundation in various fields, she is known for her exceptional expertise and a personalized approach to client care. Elena’s focus extends beyond the physical, delving into mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental aspects. Specializing in “difficult cases,” particularly Motor-Vehicle Accident injuries, she emphasizes the inherent healing potential within each individual. Elena is dedicated to providing Curative Care, aiming not just to treat problems but to address their underlying causes. With nearly a decade of experience, her daily mission revolves around holistic healing and inspiring positive results in her clients.

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Micaeli has been working as a Registered Massage Therapist since 2022. She specializes in deep tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, TMJ and pregnancy massage. She can cater to each patient’s individual needs for example; sciatica or a stiff neck. She plans on doing a cupping therapy course to add to her repertoire.

Some of her hobbies include weight lifting, tending to her pets and plants, hiking with her dog and other outdoor activities like kayaking and paddle boarding.

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With 18 years experience as a registered massage therapist Julianne has many techniques to draw and has clinical experience from sport medicine clinics. With additional training in cupping, myofascial release therapy and Kinesio taping.

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Amber is a graduate from Oxford College in Massage Therapy and became a registered massage therapist in the summer of 2023. She believes that connecting with people and helping them on their healing journey is always rewarding as a person and as a practitioner.

Amber has experience in different massage techniques including deep tissue, Swedish, and trigger point therapy. She is looking to further her skills and knowledge as an RMT through dedicated education and evidence-based research to learn modalities such as cupping and hot stones and to become specialized in treating clients of all ages who have sensory processing disorders (SPD).

In her personal life, Amber enjoys spending time with her family, reading, gaming, and learning new languages.

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Treatments Offered

Hot Stone Therapy

The use of basalt rocks heated with hot water and these stones are used to be placed and massaged on the body to provide a relaxing treatment. Great for full body treatments for relaxation and muscle aches and pains, and for those who enjoy the heat.

60 Minutes


Cupping Therapy

This is a vacuum suction to the skin with the use of plastic or silicone cups to pull stagnant blood to the surface to allow better circulation and it is also a great tool to help break up adhesions and restrictive tissue. You can expect to have circular cupping marks that last 3-7 days after treatment, the marks may be sensitive on the surface to touch and extreme temperatures.

Indian Head Massage

A head massage treats the upper shoulder, neck, scalp and face treatment to help with headaches, stress, and muscle tension. Essential oils and hot oil for the hair can be included if requested.

45 Minutes – 60 Minutes

$125.00 – $145.00

Pregnancy Massage

Massage is a great choice for pregnancy as it promotes relaxation and treats aches and pains that happen from the pregnancy posture and the release of elastin, a hormone that loosens up the joints and creates extra movement and can cause pain. We will provide ways to help through the process and assess and make sure to provide safe treatment. We have the pregnancy prone pillow that most people find extremely comfortable as they will be allowed to be treated face down in any stage of their pregnancy. The pregnancy pillow has a concave feature for the belly and the breasts and proper neck support. The therapist will instruct how to get on and off the pillow and will lower the table.

Thai Herbal Ball Massage Therapy

Thai Herbal Ball massage uses a herbal compress containing a combination of healing herbs along with massage techniques to give you a soothing and relaxing massage. The herbal balls used are warmed to provide a powerful and therapeutic treatment that combines aromatic, herbal, and thermal therapies to treat stiff and sore muscles with a deep heat to induce relaxation and relieve stress.

Honey Massage

This traditional technique is perfect for boosting overall well-being, especially if you’re dealing with poor circulation, swelling (edema), weak immune system, nervous system issues, migraines, osteoporosis, or scar tissue. Honey Massage helps detoxify the body, ease lymphedema symptoms, alleviate joint problems, positively affect the skin, and aid in weight loss.  Note, however, that it’s not suitable for individuals with cancer, asthma, thyroid issues, vein problems (varicose veins), or allergies to honey. 

Heated Muscle Scraper

Used to scrape the skin to increase circuation, decreases muscle pain and breaks down scar tissue. The tool heats up and vibrates, leaving redness and tiny spots that go away after a few days.

Tuina Massage

Also called Chinese massage, involves techniques focused on manipulating pressure points and applying deep strokes to relax and rejuvenate tired muscles. This type of massage uses similar techniques as acupuncture but without the needles. Instead, the practitioner uses their hands, elbows and knees to apply deep pressure and manipulate energy channels called meridians.  Tuina massage benefits the whole body by improving blood circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system, relaxing muscles and promoting natural healing. It can help reduce stress, stiffness, swelling and inflammation. Tuina massage is also known to alleviate pain from conditions like arthritis, back pain and headaches. Regular sessions can boost overall energy levels and balance the flow of qi or life force energy within the body.

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Massage is Effective
In Treating The Following



Poor Circulation

Poor Circulation



Work and Sports related injuries

Work & Sports
Related Injuries

Pregnancy Discomfort


Stiff or Sore
Muscles & Joints

Nerve Pain

Nerve Pain

ex. Sciatic Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Massage Therapy

Includes HST.

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30 Minutes


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45 Minutes


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60 Minute


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75 Minutes


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90 Minutes


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