What Can Naturopathic Medicine Do For Me

For those who have little experience or exposure to naturopathic medicine, there may be some confusion as to what exactly a naturopathic doctor does. While I hope to explain what to expect more clearly, I would like to remind my reader that the true beauty in naturopathic treatment lies in its individualized approach. Each human being presents as a unique tapestry, woven together in neat intricate threads encompassing genetics, environment, social and cultural upbringing, and so many other factors that ultimately make each of us unique in both our struggles and our successes.

While some treatments have been proven to be effective towards a certain disease, not everyone will respond to a treatment in a predictable way. Being able to navigate beyond first line therapies is one way in which naturopathic doctors can provide more integrative care.

Our modalities include but are not limited to botanical medicine, acupuncture, cupping and bodywork, bloodwork and other testing, nutritional support, and lifestyle counseling. A visit may consist of some questions and intake, pertinent physical exams, and treatment in the form of any aforementioned modality.

Education is a cornerstone of naturopathic medicine, and NDs will strive to provide their patients with the resources and tools to understand and influence their health in positive and meaningful ways. This may include sitting down and going through a patient’s laboratory tests with them to help interpret the results, for example. This may also mean explaining the pathophysiology of a patient’s disease; it is too often that a patient is unaware of exactly what it means to be diagnosed with a disease, what that disease really is and how it manifests, and what benefits/risks and/or adverse effects can be expected with conventional or pharmaceutical treatment.

The goal is to empower patients through knowledge, empathy, compassion and respect. It is my hope that whoever is reading this may consider reaching out to explore naturopathic medicine through the experience of a visit. I look forward to being a meaningful part of your healthcare journey.

Dr. Sofia Yevko, ND